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URUFARMA S.A. kindly asks you to read carefully these Access and Visit Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "TERMS AND CONDITIONS) as soon you access the Website (hereinafter, "THE WEBSITE) and /or before visiting its pages.

The access and/or visit to the above mentioned WEBSITE gives the quality of WEBSITE Visitor (hereinafter, "THE VISITOR" or "THE VISITORS") and implies the VISITORS full and unreserved adherence to all and each TERM AND CONDITION in the version published on this page from the very moment the VISITOR accesses THE WEBSITE.

Consequently, these TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply, without exceptions, to all WEBSITE VISITORS from the very fist moment they have access to any of the pages that form such WEBSITE.

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS may be totally or partially modified only by URUFARMA S.A. and such modifications and implementations will be in force as from the very moment they are published or inserted in the WEBSITE or as from the moment VISITORS are notified by any means, whichever occurs first. Therefore, we suggest that each time you decide to access the WEBSITE, you visit these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and verify they have not been modified. The infringements of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS will generate the right in favor of URUFARMA S.A. to suspend or prevent the VISITOR and/or VISITORS who have infringed them by such action or omission, to have access and/or visit the WEBSITE.

1. What is

The WEBSITE located at the URL: belongs wholly, solely and exclusively to URUFARMA S.A. and its purpose is to provide information about URUFARMA S.A. URUFARMA S.A. reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any moment and without previous notice, the presentation and configuration of the WEBSITE as well as the conditions requested to have access and/or visit such WEBSITE.

All the contents and information provided by the WEBSITE may be used only as a source of information. Any other activity, including the total or partial reproduction, modification, assignment, public communication, distribution and/or transmission made without the previous authorization of URUFARMA S.A. is strictly prohibited by the law. In the event you may wish to use some material provided by the WEBSITE in a manner which is different from the access to the contents through the use of a Web browser, the corresponding authorization from URUFARMA S.A. will have to be requested.

2. Access and Visiting conditions

All the information contained in the WEBSITE is intended for the information and/or general knowledge of VISITORS with regard to URUFARMA S.A. Under no circumstance such information will be deemed as professional medical advice provided by URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEB SITE. VISITORS will not use the information contained in the WEBSITE to diagnose or carry out the analysis, diagnosis or treatment of a disease or a health problem without previously consulting a qualified medical professional. The information provided by the WEBSITE will never substitute the advice, diagnosis, directions or professional guidance provided by a qualified medical doctor. Please, consult your doctor if you have any question or concern related to your conditions and/or health condition.

General Terms

All the WEBSITE contents, among others, texts [including all the reports, data, comments, lectures, speeches, notes and reproductions], graphics, logos, icons, images, files of any type and software (hereinafter, the "CONTENTS") are the exclusive property of URUFARMA S.A. and/or of third parties who have authorized their publication and/or use on the WEBSITE and they are protected by Intellectual Property laws. Improvements and/or modifications of the contents published on the WEBSITE are URUFARMA S.A. exclusive property. CONTENTS are offered for the information of VISITORS and they will be used for the purposes they were created for and supplied at your disposal.

The publication of the CONTENTS generated by third parties is and will be duly attributed to those who declare they are their authors and they will be solely responsible for their contents. The opinions given and/or the CONTENTS generated by third parties on the WEBSITE are the exclusive responsibility of their authors and they do not necessarily reflect either URUFARMA S.A. opinion or the WEBSITE opinion.

WEBSITE free access and visit

The information provided by URUFARMA S.A. through the WEBSITE is free for VISITORS and it does not require their previous subscription or registration.

Obligation to make a correct use of the WEBSITE

VISITORS undertake to use the WEBSITE in accordance with the law, with the provisions set forth by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, morality and good practices accepted by public order and they bind themselves to refrain from using the WEBSITE with unlawful purposes or effects contrary to what has been set forth in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS which may damage third parties rights and interests or that in some way may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the WEBSITE or prevent VISITORS from visiting the WEBSITE.

Denial and withdrawal to access the WEBSITE

URUFARMA S.A. reserves its right to deny or withdraw the access to the WEBSITE, at any moment without prior notice, on is own initiative or at the request of a third party, to VISITORS who have not complied with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS which are applicable.

Means to obtain CONTENTS

VISITORS will refrain from obtaining any kind of CONTENTS available through the WEBSITE using means and procedures different from those that are at their disposal or that have been indicated for that purpose on the Web pages where they are or that in general, are usually used on the Internet for that purpose provided that they do not involve a risk of damage or disablement of the WEBSITE and/or CONTENTS and/or allow a breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS which are applicable in such a case.

Correct use of CONTENTS

VISITORS undertake themselves to use the CONTENTS in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and in particular, they bind themselves to the following: (1) not to use CONTENTS in a manner or with purposes or effects contrary to the law, morality and general practices accepted or to public order; (2) not to reproduce or copy, distribute, allow the access of public through any modality of public communication, transform or modify the CONTENTS unless it has been authorized by URUFARMA S.A. and/or the holder of the corresponding rights or if such an action is legally allowed; (3) not to suppress, elude or manipulate or infringe by any means the intellectual and/or industrial rights and other identifying data of URUFARMA S.A. rights or of other holders rights incorporated to the CONTENTS as well as the protection technical devices which the CONTENTS may contain; (4) not to use CONTENTS and in particular, the information of any kind obtained through the WEBSITE to send advertising, communications with direct sale purposes or any other commercial purpose, not requested messages addressed to a plurality of people irrespective of its purpose as well as no to commercialize or otherwise disclose such information.

Introduction to hyperlinks to access the WEBSITE pages

VISITORS and, in general, those people who intend to establish a hyperlink between their Webpage and any of the WEBSITE Webpages [hereinafter, the "HYPERLINK"] will meet the following conditions: (1) the HYPERLINK will only allow the access to the WEBSITE but may not reproduce its CONTENTS; (2) HYPERLINKS may only be carried out with respect to the main page of the WEBSITE unless URUFARMA S.A. has issued an express and written authorization to do so with respect to other WEBSITE pages; (3) a browser, frame or border environment will not be created on the WEBSITE pages; (4) no false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indication about the WEBSITE Webpages will be made and, in particular, it will not be declared or implied that URUFARMA S.A. has authorized such HYPERLINK or that has supervised or assumed in any manner the CONTENTS or services offered or available on the webpage where the HYPERLINK is established; (5) except for those signs which are part of the HYPERLINK, the webpage where the HYPERLINK is established will not contain any trademark, commercial name, label, denomination, logotype, slogan or other distinctive signs which belong to URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEBSITE; (6) the webpage where the HYPERLINK is established will no contain information or illegal CONTENTS contrary to morality and generally accepted good practices and public order and it will not contain CONTENTS that infringe third parties rights. The establishment of a HYPERLINK under no circumstance will imply the existence of a relationship between URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEBSITE and the webpage owner or URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEBSITE acceptance or approval of the CONTENTS or services therein offered and/or established at the public disposal.

3. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

General Limitation of Responsibility

VISITORS are aware and they voluntarily accept that the access and visit to the WEBSITE and any of its sectors and CONTENTS will be carried out under their sole and exclusive responsibility.

Even though CONTENTS have been prepared having excellence as its aim, URUFARMA S.A. does not guarantee, expressly or implicitly, the accuracy, truthfulness, reliability or completeness of the whole information contained or mentioned in the WEBSITE.

NNeither URUFARMA S.A. nor any person involved in the creation, production or publication of the WEBSITE or any website connected to it, will be responsible under any circumstance or to any extent for any kind of direct or indirect, immediate, consequential, etc. damage derived from the access to the information contained in the WEBSITE or in any website connected to the WEBSITE or due to any error, omission, delay of CONTENTS or not updated contents.

Responsibility for damages

URUFARMA S.A. will not be responsible for damages of any nature that VISITORS may suffer due to the access to and/or visit of the published in the WEBSITE or in other website which contains HYPERLINKS to the WEBSITE.

VISITORS will be liable for the damages of any nature that URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEBSITE may suffer as a consequence of the non-compliance of any of the obligations to which they are subject to when accepting these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

VISITORS agree to indemnify and hold URUFARMA S.A. and/or any of its dependents, licensors, suppliers and licensees harmless of and against any loss, expense, damage and costs derived from any infringement of the applicable laws and rules and of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS when such an infringement is made through an action or omission by VISITORS of by any person who have access to the WEBSITE using the account and/or technical devices which belong to VISITORS.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the WEBSITE operation

URUFARMA S.A. does not guarantee the availability and/or continuity of operation of the WEBSITE. URUFARMA S.A. excludes any responsibility for damages of any nature which may be due to the lack of availability or of continuity of the WEBSITE operation and/or any of its CONTENTS.

URUFARMA S.A. does not guarantee that the WEBSITE and/or its CONTENTS are useful for the performance of any activity in particular. URUFARMA S.A. will not be responsible for any damage of any nature which might be due to the non-usefulness that VISITORS may attribute to the WEBSITE and/or some of its CONTENTS.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for CONTENTS

The information provided by the WEBSITE does not constitute either an offer, counseling, advice, suggestion or an application for the purchase, disposal, commercialization or any transaction of any share or security of URUFARMA S.A.

URUFARMA S.A. neither carries out a previous control nor guarantees the absence of viruses in the CONTENTS nor the absence of other elements that may produce alterations in the computing system [software and hardware] or in the electronic documents and files filed in the computing system of VISITORS. URUFARMA S.A. will not be responsible for damages of any nature which may be due to the presence of viruses or other harmful elements in the WEBSITE CONTENTS.

URUFARMA S.A. does not guarantee the legality, reliability and usefulness of CONTENTS. URUFARMA S.A. will not be responsible for damages of any nature which may be due to the transmission, dissemination, storage, availability, reception, obtaining or access to CONTENTS.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the Services and CONTENTS hosted outside the Website

The WEBSITE makes available for the VISITORS technical linking devices [such as, among others, hyperlinks and banners], directories and search tools which allow the access to Website that belong to third parties [hereinafter, "LINKED WEBSITES"]. The installation of such links, directories and search tools have the only purpose of informing about the existence of other sources of information about a subject but under no circumstance, presupposes that there is any kind of suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit such destination locations or any kind of link or association between URUFARMA S.A. and/or the WEBSITE and the LINKED WEBSITES operators.

URUFARMA S.A. does not previously control, does not approve or has as its own, the services, information, data, files, products and/or any kind of material existing on the LINKED WEBSITE. Therefore, prudence in the valuation and use of them must be maximized. URUFARMA S.A. neither guarantees nor assumes any responsibility for the damages of any kind which may be attributed to (1) the operation, availability, accessibility or continuity of the LINKED WEBSITES; (2) the maintenance of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the linked websites; (3) the provision or transmission of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the linked websites; (4) the quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of services, information, data, files, products and any kind of material existing in the LINKED WEBSITES.

URUFARMA S.A. is neither responsible nor will be liable for present or potential, material or moral, direct or indirect damages suffered by VISITORS deriving from their relationship with third parties whose services have been published on the WEBSITE.

Procedure in the event of infringement of intellectual property rights and/or copyright

In the event VISITORS or a third party deem that any of the CONTENTS have been introduced in the WEBSITE infringing their intellectual property rights, URUFARMA S.A. must be notified. Such notification will be sent to the following address: Monte Caseros 3260, CP 11600, Montevideo, Uruguay, including the following information: (1) the claimant personal data; (2) the authentic signature with the personal data of the holder of the intellectual property rights which have been allegedly infringed; (3) precise and complete data of the CONTENTS protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed as well as their location on the WEBSITE.

4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The WEBSITE is operated and controlled by URUFARMA S.A., domiciled at Monte Caseros 3260, CP 11600, Montevideo, Uruguay. Consequently, all these Terms and Conditions are ruled by the laws in force of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay. URUFARMA S.A. and VISITORS expressly waive to any other jurisdiction which might correspond and they are subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Montevideo.